Legends FD ロータリー

The Legends FD ロータリー Keypiece salutes a true japanese beauty. Arguably the perfect crescendo within Mazda's RX-line up, the FD3S represents the epitome of rotary powered cars. This reference, inspired by the wankel, marks the inner elegance perfectly complimenting the RX-7's stunning outer form.



1993—2002 Mazda RX-7 [FD]

1989—1999 Mazda Miata [NA]

1992—1995 Mazda 323

1993—1994 Mazda 626

1992—1994 Mazda 929

1992—1996 Mazda MX-3

1993—1994 Mazda MX-6

1992—1995 Mazda Protege


Perpetua Stainless Steel™ 
CNC Machined to Swiss Standards
PVD — Physical Vapor Deposit 

DLC — Diamond Like Carbon


Legends FD ロータリー Keypiece
Keypiece Preservation Capsule
Polishing Cloth


Designed in California, USA

Crafted in USA

Rotary Rebellion

Design Story

The Legends FD ロータリー draws inspiration from the bleeding heart of an engineering rebellion. Incubated by the Germans, and nurtured by the Japanese, the rotary engine represents more than just a motor but a true collective consciousness.

Simultaneous yet independent invention often paves the way for creative innovation. Though the piston & wankel engine both aim to successfully propel a car, the way in which the rotary power-plant achieves this, embodies the zeitgeist of the internal combustion engine's golden era. The FD3S RX-7 bears the metaphorical torch as an ambassador for the path less driven.

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